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The story of ALOV

After years of living in Spain, being from a country that some either haven't heard about, some couldn't figure out its location on the map and some only remembered it participating in Eurovision was really frustrating. This is why ALOV was born.

ALOV is an Azerbaijani brand based in Spain that incorporates traditional and cultural motifs into modern fashion. Our clothes are hand-made, full of vivid colours and unique style. More importantly, every collection has a story behind it!

We feel the importance of promoting the ancient and modern heritage, culture and traditions of Azerbaijan; showing the rich and distinctive culture that the Azeris have created over the centuries. We believe it is important to protect our country's cultural values and enhance the cultural life, letting the rest of the world know about our music, folk art, national dances, carpet weaving, literature, festivities and much more!


We are all about curiosity, exploration and having the desire to stand out! Sé diferente!


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